Two Bodies, One Goal

Written by: Brittney Clark and Emma Palasak

Lucas Sandoval (#28) assisted Dominic Sandoval (#22) for the first goal of the Topeka Pilots game on February 5th, 2020. That goal would lead the Pilots to a win that clinched a spot in the 2020 Robertson Cup playoffs. If you thought playing on the same sports team as your sibling creates an undeniable chemistry, imagine doing so with a twin.
Over the years people have debated the reality of twin telepathy, but for the Sandoval twins there is no denying it. Playing hockey with each other since the age of six, the Sandoval’s believe they have a special advantage on the ice.
“We can feel each other’s presence on the ice,” Dominic said. “Sometimes we don’t even have to look up to pass to each other.”
Lucas agreed with his brother and mentioned that their connection pertains to their future as well. After their time with the Pilots, they plan to continue their hockey career and education at a Division I university where they can attend together. Both Dominic and Lucas said they were a package deal when it comes to most things in life.
“If one of us does something, it reflects on the other, and we’re probably going to follow the lead,” Dominic said.
The Sandoval twin’s future is hard to understand if you don’t know where they came from. Growing up in Denver, Colorado, you would expect their first experience with hockey to be on ice, however they began competing in roller hockey.
“We have an older brother that played roller hockey. We followed his footsteps and began roller hockey at six years old and played for a couple years before we began ice hockey at eight,” Dominic said.
When asked who was more talented in different categories, the twin brothers were both very complimentary of each other. However, when it came to singing and dancing both argued they were the best. When asked about hockey, neither was quick to take praise for themselves, instead they gave it to the other.
‘Mirror twins’ are twins who reflect each other when standing face to face. The Sandovals are just that. Dominic is left-handed while Lucas is right-handed. As children they would even lose teeth within days of each other. Dominic would lose the tooth on the left as Lucas lost the same one on the right, and vice versa. They have even been mixed up at the dentist office when they had cavities on either side and the dentist couldn’t tell them apart. They said many people have told them they are the hardest set of twins to tell apart.
“We really like to mess around with people and switch,” Lucas said. Not surprisingly, they switched during interviews for this story to play a trick on us. After Dominic’s one-on-one interview, he switched jerseys with Lucas and returned to the interview room posing as his brother. Their prank worked until Dominic couldn’t keep a straight face.
The pair have a lot of pride and ambition in everything they do. They are the youngest players on the Pilots roster, but that doesn’t stop them from contributing to the team’s success. When asked who carries the duo to their successes, both Dominic and Lucas had the same answer.
“We both push each other and use the other to push ourselves to be more successful.”
At just 18 years old, the Sandoval twins have played hockey together for over a decade, constantly motivating each other and creating opportunities for success. The bond they have along with their shared love for hockey will push them to become as great as they can be in their future.