On January 29th and 30th of this year, The Topeka RoadRunners had to postpone their games against the Lone Star Brahmas due to a maintenance failure of the ExpoCentre Zamboni. For the past few weeks, the RoadRunners have been attempting to negotiate with Shawnee County to find home dates to replay those games. Unfortunately, the Representative for the County has been unwilling to make an accommodation, therefore, the Topeka RoadRunners have been forced to play the two postponed home games at the NYTEX Sports Arena in North Richland Hills, Texas. The games will be played Thursday, March 15th and Monday, April 2nd.

“It was our sincere desire to have these games played in Topeka for our fans,” said Team President Donald Stone III. “However, as has often been the case, the County has no desire to rectify the situation and has forced us to make this decision.”

The two-game series between the RoadRunners and the Brahmas was initially scheduled for January 26th and 27th but was rescheduled for the following Monday and Tuesday due to a weekend performance by Cirque Du Soleil. In the process of refitting the ice between the events, the Zamboni broke down. As the arena was unable to prepare the ice for hockey, both games had to be postponed. This marks the third instance over the last three seasons that the RoadRunners have had to cancel or delay an event due to a Zamboni failure.

“It has become clear that the County have no interest in resolving ongoing issues affecting our games and our fans,” added Stone. “We hope that no other problems arise that would impact our remaining games.”

Paid Season Ticket holders can be reimbursed for the relocated games by choosing either a $15 gift card, per paid season ticket, to RoadRunner Merchandise or tickets for the RoadRunners final series of the season on April 6th and 7th. For more information on ticket reimbursement, call 785-286-7825 or email