The Topeka RoadRunners are passionately committed to working with our local businesses around the region to expand our involvement within the community. Every year our staff dedicates their talents and skills to generate new opportunities for businesses within a community that has supported our organization for over a decade.

We offer a luxurious array of individually customized advertising packages to specifically assess the needs and desires of our sponsors. Our marketing team can adapt your message to fit any form of digital or traditional media. We aim to provide each of our sponsors with high-quality, inventive advertising content that will prominently display their business to our fan base both on and off the ice.

Any business that advertises with us will not only increase their brand engagement and awareness, but will also help us maintain a decade long tradition of creating collegiate scholarships for our players. We are proud to build an environment that nurtures the development of our players to prepare them for the next level of competitive play.

With your support, we can maintain the unity between Topeka communities and local businesses. Please contact our front office at (785) 286-7825 to discuss possible advertising options with a marketing representative.