Runners In The Community Nov. 3rd

It was another busy day for the RoadRunners off the ice. On Tuesday afternoon, players went to Antioch Family Center for a visit and Cam Strong was the featured guest on the second Coach’s Show of the season.

At Antioch Family Center, Carlos Fornaris, Ryan Hutchinson, and Marshall Bowery joined an afterschool program. Each day, this group of children come to Antioch to work on their studies, read, and socialize in a safe and productive environment staffed by volunteers. Carlos, Ryan, and Marshall helped the kids with their homework, read through some of their favorite books, and then joined them on the playground for a game of tag. The group also received gift bags from The Spectacle, as well as tickets to the Runners game this Friday. Everyone had a wonderful time and we look forward to visiting Antioch Family Center again this season.

For more information on how you can get the Runners involved with your youth organization, please call 785-286-7825.