The Topeka RoadRunners are pleased to announce they\’ve entered into a new contract with Assistant Coach R.J. Enga for the 2010-2011 season.

\”Working out a contract with R.J. for next season was a priority for me and I\’m very pleased that he will be with the team next season, \” team owner Don Stone said. \”R.J. has been a tremendous asset to us this year and I\’m very happy to reward him for his efforts with this contract.\”

The RoadRunners have been under General Manager and Head Coach Scott Langer for 6 years and Coach Enga joined the team at the beginning of this year\’s season. Enga has a rich history in hockey which includes 10 years as a professional player. Langer realizes the need for a coach like Enga to help continue with the Runners\’ success.

\”Coach Enga\’s passion and work ethic are exactly what this franchise looks for in an assistant coach. The development of our players is critical each season, especially with the amount of players we advance, and R.J. has added huge value in that area.\” Langer went on to say, \”I\’m pleased that Mr. Stone is committed to, and recognizes the importance of investing in quality people like Coach Enga.\”

Coach Enga couldn\’t be happier about the return, \”I am very excited about the opportunity to come back to Topeka again next season. It truly has been a great experience for me and working with Coach Langer and these players day-to-day is very rewarding. Since day one everyone from the ownership, front office, and community has made me feel very much at home. My opinion since arriving in July until now is the same; the Topeka RoadRunners are a first class organization and I look forward to continuing the tradition of success and excellence.\”