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As a partner of the Topeka Pilots you will collaborate with our highly motivated marketing team to customize an innovative campaign that satisfies your needs and your budget. We encourage you to contact us and discover how our team can work with you to enhance your brand. Please note, opportunities with the Topeka Pilots are not limited to the offers listed below and we are welcome to any creative ideas you have!


Prominently display your brand throughout Landon Arena for maximum exposure and consistent advertising coverage from September to May.
Dasher Board
  • 8’ long x 2.5’ wide along the boards surrounding the ice, 60 spaces available
 Ice Logo
  • Logo is placed on the ice, three locations available
 Bench Decals
  • Background decal on the home or visitor bench

Zamboni Sponsor

  • Name and logo featured on Zamboni as it cleans the ice three times over the course of each game
 Arena Glass Wrap
  • Name and logo featured 6” from the bottom or top of the glass, surrounding the ice
Arena Wall Banner
  • Gain additional exposure during other entertainment events held in the arena in between home games with a 4’ x 6’ or 4’ x 8’ wall banner


Maximize your involvement with in-arena and out-of-arena promotions that directly show-off your brand in an interactive, fan-friendly way. Immersing your brand in promotions that are customized to meet your goals and objectives adds an impactful element to your marketing mix.
Game Night Sponsorship
  • Promotional giveaway of your choice, in-game brand recognition through announcements, 50 tickets for clients, family and friends
3 Stars of the Game
  • Sponsor the MVPs of the game with an audio announcement after the third period
Intermission Sponsorship
  • Exclusive sponsor rights for an intermission game or activity of your choice
Game Mentions
  • Sponsor recognition during in-game announcement or media time out, frequency varies per game
    • Power Play
    • Penalty Kill
    • Goal
    • Icing
    • Media Time Out
 Team Meet and Greet
  • Bring in additional revenue by inviting fans to meet and interact with the players at your business


Generate new brand exposure as your logo travels the country with our players. This unique platform creates an innovative connection between your brand and consumers during their leisure time.
Helmet Decals
  • Logo placed on the center of each helmet for all 60 regular season games in addition to all playoff games.
Jersey Patches
  • Logo placed on every player’s game jerseys for all 60 regular season games in addition to all playoff games.
    • Patches can also be placed on replica team jerseys sold at Merchandise as a separate sponsorship.
Track Suit
  • Logo featured on the warm up shirt and shorts of every player before each game.


Introduce your brand to media platforms that are rapidly engaging different generations and demographics of fans. Create an impression that extends beyond the final buzzer.


  • Name and logo featured on the home page of our website


Social Media

  • Name mentioned on social media posts and graphics (space permitting)


Magnet Schedule

  • Logo placed prominently on the magnet schedule


Pocket Schedule

  • Logo placed on a business card sized panel of pocket schedule