In The Community: March 7, 2016

The RoadRunners were off this weekend, giving them the opportunity to help ring in the Spring at the Auburn Elementary Fair. Max Harper, Quinn Preston, Shawn Brennan, Johnny Walker, and Reggie the RoadRunner were on hand to hand out prizes, run puck shot games, and spread the word about upcoming events. Dozens of fans jumped onboard the RoadRunners new deal that grants free 2016-2017 season tickets to any fan 12 years old or younger. Many other fans found out about the Runners Learn 2 Skate For Free program, which has five classes still remaining on the season. Reggie the RoadRunner was all over the school, taking pictures and putting smiles on the faces of everyone in attendance. Coincidentally, the theme of the fair this year was Super Heroes, which is exactly the same them as the RoadRunners game on Saturday, March 19th. For more information on tickets, call 785-286-7825.