Getting Fit and Talking Hockey

by Chris Engesser

The RoadRunners hit the streets of Topeka again this Tuesday to enjoy an afternoon at a local school and to meet and greet fans at the Coach’s Show. Matt Jennings, Vladimir Cibulka, and Luka Maver once again showed that the Runners care about Topeka.

At Lowman Hill Elementary, Jennings and Cibulka took part in the Subway/Great Life Get Fit Program. After warming up and explaining how to play both hard and safe, the Runners and students engaged in a furious game of floor hockey. When the dust settled, the final score was not as important as the fun that was had or the connections made. Each kids received gifts from Subway and the Spectacle and their parents got a night with tired but happy children.

This week’s Coach’s Show was at Dickey’s BBQ and featured our first live video stream courtesy of Ustream.TV. The voice of the RoadRunners, Arch Ecker, discussed the past weekend, looked ahead to the road trip, and talked about the recent announcement that Cam Strong had been voted Team Captain. Later, Luka Maver stepped up to the plate and was grilled about his approach to the game, how he feels about his second season in Topeka so far, and his favorite movie (Pitch Perfect). Fans in attendance enjoyed the best BBQ in Topeka and a fun night was had by all.

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