Become A RoadRunners/Capitals Billet Family

Each year, elite hockey players from around the world are selected to become members of the Topeka RoadRunners and Capitals hockey teams. Part of their development as 16 to 20-year-old student athletes comes from living with a family in our community. Each one of these young men requires a home (billet) for the duration of the hockey season, and that's where our most valuable resource comes in- you!

"Being involved in the billet program has dramatically impacted our lives," said RoadRunners Billet Coordinator Lynn Holthaus. "The personal connections that my family and I have made and the pride we feel at seeing these boys become exceptional young men has made it all worthwhile."

Being a billet parent can be a rewarding experience, enriching the lives of everyone involved. As a billet, you have the unique opportunity to provide a stable and supportive environment for a student athlete who is far from home. Working closely with the billet coordinator and the coaching staff, you will be able to provide the foundation and the boundaries that will enable your player to move on to the next level: a college education. All the while, you will be developing a relationship that could last a lifetime.

"Jude [Hull, goaltender for the 2013-2014 Topeka Capitals] has truly become part of our family," said billet mom Michelle Griffith. "He is one of the most kind and big-hearted young adults that I know. He is quick to help out around the house — whether it's feeding or entertaining Alexa to letting the dogs outside to taking out the trash . He frequently has other players over and they are all kind and extremely respectful. I can't say enough good things about the positive experience we've had."

The RoadRunner/Capitals organization is proud of its long record of success of developing and advancing talented young men onto a successful future. But it is our billet program with the network of loving and supportive homes that is the heart of this endeavor. If you, or anyone you know, is interested in becoming a RoadRunners or Capitals billet, please click on the application link above or contact our billet coordinators referenced below. To find out more about the Topeka RoadRunners and the Topeka Capitals hockey teams go to and