#AskARunner Wednesday Twitter Takeover: Sly Sutter

#AskARunner Wednesday Twitter Takeover: Sly Sutter

    Last night, Topeka RoadRunners’ forward Sly Sutter took over Twitter for the inaugural #AskARunner sessions! Here are some of the questions and answers that were tweeted…

@navyguy5735: Where would you like to travel to and why?

@topekahockey: California… because I want to go to Hollywood!


@TheBusyGuy: Hey Sly… what do you want for dinner?

@topekahockey: Q’Doba!


@navyguy5735: What was your favorite Christmas gift this year?

@topekahockey: My favorite Christmas gift was probably my Red Wings Winter Classic hoodie!


@FantasyHockeyDK: Wings may have the best jerseys in the NHL. Such a timeless look.

@topekahockey: I totally agree. Wings are the best decked out team in the NHL!


@navyguy5735: What’s your favorite food?

@topekahockey: Ribs!


@navyguy5725: What’s your favorite color?

@topekahockey: My favorite color is orange


@TheBusyGuy: What’s your favorite dwarf in the hobbit?

@topekahockey: Frodo… that’s the only one I know.


@Con_MJ: Is there anything you won’t put Cholula on?

@topekahockey: Nope, I would put Cholula on anything!


@BradyBunch6: What does being a RoadRunner mean to you?

@topekahockey: It’s about family, teamwork, going to battle with your brothers and working every day to become a better player.


@BradyBunch6: What do you want to study in college?

@topekahockey: Criminal justice


@navyguy5735: What are your favorite sports teams?

@topekahockey: All Detroit teams!


@TheBusyGuy: Who’s the best player in your house?

@topekahockey: I would bully Jerad Tefoya


@Con_MJ: Who is your hockey idol?

@topekahockey: Pavel Datsyuk


@my_lake_is_full: What’s the best thing that happened to you since you’ve joined the roadrunners?

@topekahockey: Sweeping Amarillo was huge!


@SLanger_02: Hey Sly, will you come shovel my driveway at 6a.m?

@topekahockey: If I don’t have to go to workouts!


@twimom69: Did you play anywhere before you came to Topeka?

@topekahockey: Detroit for Belltire Midget Major


@navguy5735: Do you have any pets?

@topekahockey: I have a shih tzu named O.C!


@Con_MJ: Who do you think will be in the Super Bowl? Who will win?

@topekahockey: Broncos vs. Seahawks! Broncos will win!


@AngrySquiggy: Why is Scott Langer the best coach in the NAHL?

@topekahockey: He is knowledgeable of the game and provides us with the best tools to advance us to the next level!


@navyguy5735: What was the biggest shock about moving to Kansas?

@topekahockey: Everyone is really friendly!


@navyguy5735: What’s your favorite animal?

@topekahockey: A monkey


@AngrySquiggy: What kind of monkey?

@topekahockey: Spider monkeys!


@twimom69: Why and when did you decide to play hockey?

@topekahockey: I started rollerblading at 2 and I wanted to play since my older brother did!


@DisgruntledOne: What do you do off season?

@topekahockey: Relax at home, work out and skate as much as possible.


Join us next Wednesday night at 7p.m. for #AskARunner with our special guest, Tyler Poulsen! Follow @topekahockey to participate!