Do you want the Pilots to attend your special event, party, or school function? Let us know below, we'd love to be there!

The Topeka Pilots enjoy spending time in the community and love to attend events not only in Topeka, but also in surrounding areas when our schedule permits. If you would like the Pilots players, coaching staff, or our mascot to attend your event please fill out the form below or call Keli Lee at (785) 266-PUCK (7825).


The Pilots enjoy spending time in classrooms reading to students. We have a book series called “Brady Brady” that is published by our national parent organization, USA Hockey. Each book in the series teaches a valuable lesson to children. Lesson include sharing, sportsmanship, or handling disappointment.



Our floor hockey program is designed for our players to go into schools to teach the basics of hockey. The players teach students how to hold a hockey stick, how to pass a puck, and the importance of teamwork. We split in to teams and play a game of floor hockey. This program is great for all students elementary through middle school.

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