500 RoadRunner Games, One Arch Ecker

500 RoadRunner Games, One Arch Ecker

    When the RoadRunners take the ice Wednesday night for Game Three of the South Division Playoffs, they will do so with veteran broadcaster Arch Ecker making the call for the 500th time. Ecker, who will be making his 1,054th career broadcast, has been the voice of the RoadRunners franchise since 2006. 

    "Arch Ecker is not only one of the most valued members of the RoadRunner family, but he is also a junior hockey institution," said RoadRunners Owner/President Don Stone. "My family and I, along with the rest of RoadRunner Nation, are filled with pride at his accomplishment and look forward to the next 500." 

    Since joining the franchise (by way of the Helena Big Horns), Arch has captured the greatest moments in RoadRunners history. From the run to the Robbie Cup Tournament in 2007-2008, to Kyle Sharkey's record-setting assist, fans have been treated to his knowledgeable and passionate insight game in and game out. One person who has benefited most from Arch's presence is head coach Scott Langer.

    "Arch has been a big part of this team since the first game he called for the RoadRunners," said Langer. "Arch's professionalism, loyalty, and work ethic are profound. Only those that do things right and are good people get to stay in the game for long periods of time. Arch has both of those intangibles. A huge part of my staff and an even better friend, Arch will call many more games in his career. He is a pro!"

    More important than the mere wins and losses that he has been privileged to call, Arch has also been able to see up close the growth and maturity of the players who have come through the program. And as they move on, he regularly updates fans on their progress, effortlessly imparting the pride he feels for being a part of developing the young men whose exploits he has broadcast.

    "The RoadRunner culture and identity is based on family and I couldn't feel more at home," said Ecker. "The Stone/Kamrass family, the Langer family, and the RoadRunner Nation as a whole have all been simply amazing. I've said this before, but people sometimes ask me if after 18 years I think I'll ever 'make it' in broadcasting," recalls Ecker. "They mean well, suggesting I might move to a higher level someday. For me, I see it this way; I have an ownership group that is supportive and whose values I respect, a head coach who is a trusted and loyal friend, and a fan base who shares a passion for the team I love. I earn a living being a RoadRunner. I've already 'made it' and, God willing, will continue for years to come."